Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) will be managing CTEP Programme with effect from February 1, 2017.
Financial Assistance for holding National/International Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop
All Instructions
(a) An approval letter from the Head of the Organization/Institute or HoD on the organization letter head (with seal). The letter should have the following details
(i) Name of the Applicant
(ii) Title of the event
(iii) Venue
(iv) Date
(b) In case of International Conference, copies of the following should be enclosed:-
(i) Approval of Administrative Ministry
(ii) Clearance of Ministry of External Affairs &
(iii) Clearance of Ministry of Home Affairs
Note: In case anticipated funding from Govt. Departments is more than Rs.10.00 Lakhs, the approval of the Secretary (Expenditures) in respect of domestic events and approval of Cabinet Secretary for international events may also be obtained and sent to this Department.Refer to: Office Memorandum of Ministry of Finance
(c) In case of grant-in-aid received from the DBT for the Seminars during last 3 years, the copies of all UCs and Statement of Total Income from all the sources & Expenditure for these seminars should be sent to DBT-CTEP Cell and any unspent balance (if any) lying with the Organising Institution as per Statement of Total Income from all the sources & Expenditure may please be refunded immediately with the interest earned through Demand Draft/ Cheque drawn in favor of "Biotech Consortium India Limited-CTEP" and sent to DBT-CTEP Cell, C/o BCIL 5th Floor, Anuvrat Bhawan | 210, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg New Delhi - 110002 India.
2. The organizers of Conference, Seminar, Symposia, Workshop should have in house expertise in the subject field of the event proposed otherwise the application will not be considered.
3. Wherever an Institute/University/Organisation and a Registered Society/ Association are jointly organizing a seminar, the responsibility of furnishing the Utilization Certificate and Statement of Total Income & Expenditure will lie with both.
4. In case grants-in-aid is granted and there are overall profits/ savings as per the statement of total income from all the sources & expenditure of the Seminar etc., the grants-in-aid sanctioned would be treated as loan and Organising Institute would be required to refund the same to the extent of savings. For other terms and condition of the grants-in-aid from DBT, refer condition for DBT grant.

5. To download UC and SE format refer UC/SE Format.

6. Guideline for getting clearances from Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs for holding international conferences/seminar/workshop etc.

7. Frequently Asked Questions relating to international conference

8. Order from Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance regarding holding of conference/seminar/exhibition etc.

9. Order for clearance from external affairs wrt travel to certain countries.

10. Initial grant will be released within 20 days of receiving minutes from our Committee. The Department will release 50% to the Private Institutions and 75% to Government Institutions of the approved grant initially and the balance will be released after the receipt of the Utilization Certificate and Statement of Total Income & Expenditure in the Proposal

11. Final grant and reimbursement will be released maximum within 3 months duration

12.You can upload a pdf file of maximum size of 2 MB.

13.Conference claims should be submitted within 9 months with complete documents from the date of the conference. Any claim received beyond this period will not be considered for payment.

Note: The UC & SE to be sent after an event may be addressed to:

Anita Sharma
DBT-CTEP Management Cell
Biotech Consortium India Limited
5th Floor, Anuvrat Bhawan | 210, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg
New Delhi - 110 002 | India
Tel.: 91-11-2321 9064-67 | Fax: 91-11-2321 9063